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Mars- Moon combination is also called the Mahalaxmi Yoga. This yoga, in most cases, gives a steady flow of income and a good monetary gains if other income related factors in horoscope are favorable too.
On health front, this gives ailments related to blood like anaemia, hyper/hypo tension (mostly hypo tension) , low blood sugar, etc.
In behaviour, the native can be extremely patient and cool under even the most provocative of circumstances on one hand, but, can burn up like gunpowder at very smallest of provocations on the other. The native is quite touchy in his/her behaviour with the dear ones and they are the ones who bear the brunt of his/her anger but when the dear ones blow their lids the native is patient, calm and very eager to apply the balms of peace. In short, you can visualize the native with a burning sword in one hand and a pot of cold sweet water in the other.
The native is brave and intelligent and can be very calculative at times. After all, to earn lots of money one has to be calculative. Professionally, the native does well in careers related to entertainment (acting), politics, chemical engineering, Information technology, navy, etc.

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