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The most popular gem (Ratna) for Venus is the diamond. But, a diamond which is worn as a remedial Jyotish gemstone for Venus (Shukra) must fulfill the following conditions:

- It should be a solitaire and must be of at least 1 carat (200 milligrams) in weight.

- It should be either a colourless diamond or a diamond having a blue tint.

A diamond fulfilling these two conditions is not widely available and it also comes at a higher price than other diamonds. This takes us to the other alternatives to diamond, the other gemstones which can be used as jyotish gems for Venus. While almost any white, light blue or pale gemstone can be used as gem for Venus, the most effective ones are being mentioned in the descending order or their effectiveness:

1. White Sapphire: While most people think of Sapphires as having only Yellow ( Pukhraj) and Blue (Neelam) colours, the white sapphire is also getting popular. This variety of sapphire is not white but is colourless. The white look comes from the usual silk which is present in all sapphires. Depending on the transparency, cut and lustre, white sapphires can be more expensive than the yellow or the blue sapphires. The totally colourless sapphires are also quite rare to find.

2. Opal: An Opal is a translucent and sometimes opaque gemstone. It comes in many colours and hues like White, Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Magenta, Rose, Pink, Slate, Olive, Brown, and Black. Out of these only the White, light Blue and light Yellow are used as gemstones for Venus. In cases where Venus is combined with Rahu the Grey variety is also used. The Opal is a beautiful gem and a spectrum of different colours on its surface.

3. White Coral: The White variety of corals is also used as a gemstone for Venus. It is beautiful, cool and very smooth to touch.

4. Moon Stone: The Moon Stone is usually worn for Moon (Chandra) but only on little finger. But, when worn on a ring on the ring finger, it becomes a Jyotish gem for Venus.

5. Turquoise: Turquoise is an opaque and blue (sometimes greenish blue) coloured gemstone.

6. Rock Crystal (Sphatik): It can be worn in form of beads in a necklace. It is cool to touch, transparent and colourless. Although it costs very less as compared to the other gemstones, it is very effective as a gemstone for Venus.

    The white sapphire, white coral, moon stone and sphatik can also be used as remedial gem for Moon (Chandra) if they are worn on little finger instead of the ring finger.





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#18 Please suggest me for gemstoneRajneesh Shukla 2014-08-25 19:40

My Dob : 30/3/1987
Time : 6 PM
Place : Allahabad, India.
I am wearing green emerald on the little finger in gold,

Should I wear any other stone too? Things are not going good for me, anything I should wear for Venus?
#17 @ Pankaj MalhotraAshutosh 2014-04-18 08:34
Mr Pankaj,

Wear a good quality emerald in a gold ring on the little finger of right hand. Ensure that the emerald is untreated and natural. You do not need to wear any other gemstone.

#16 RE: What Jyotish gemstones can I wear for Venus or Shukra.Pankaj Malhotra 2014-01-08 11:22
Name: Pankaj Malhotra
My date of birth is: 2 September 1971
Time if birth is: 02:35 AM
Place of birth is: Mumbai
Please tell me what is the best stone for my health,family,j ob?
Everything seems to be going wrong.
#15 Re: yellow topaz & white zarcon @ Rahul ChandraAshutosh 2013-03-08 07:00
Mr Rahul Chandra,

No! You cannot wear a Yellow Topaz and Red Coral. But, you can wear a Neelam after testing it for its effects on you for seven days. This you can do by stitching the Neelam in a blue cloth and then tying that cloth over your right upper arm for seven days. Observe your dreams and daily life. If everything is normal or better then the Neelam should be worn. If things are going bad or dreams are not good then avoid wearing the Neelam.

Keep wearing the White Zircon as it has neither good or bad results on you. Zircon is too weak a gemstone to give any effects to the wearer. But, avoid wearng any other gemstone for Venus.

#14 yellow topaz & white zarcon 2013-02-26 18:37
My DOB: 26/11/1983, Time: 4.20am and Place: Burdwan, West Bengal, India. Can I wear yellow topaz and red coral with white zircon?
#13 @ SatyaAshutosh 2012-11-18 12:43

Both Venus and Moon are cold in nature and are feminine planets. The gemstones associated with them are almost colo[censored]e ss or white. Other planets have clearly defined colours and gemstones for them.

Each finger has different energy meridians passing through it. This had enabled the ancient Rishis to allocate different fingers to different planets. When a gemstone is worn its benefits are received only when it is worn on the correct finger.

Moreover, a gemstone is worn on a proper muhurat (day and time) and with proper purification process and mantra. These are also different for different gemstone. They evoke different energies too. This is how a gemstone common to two planets can have different results if worn in different fingers on different muhurats.

Another dual use gemstone is turquoise (Firoza) which some people wear on middle finger while others wear it on the ring finger.

-1 #12 RE: What Jyotish gemstones can I wear for Venus or Shukra. 2012-11-18 08:39
Dear Ashutosh,
Could you please give us little insight to the logic behind this line "The white sapphire, white coral, moon stone and sphatik can also be used as remedial gem for Moon (Chandra) if they are worn on little finger instead of the ring finger " .
Similarly you have also mentioned that wearing moon stone on the ring finger, it becomes a Jyotish gem for Venus.

How come gem stone for one planet acts as remedial stone/Jyotish gem for another planet and in this context for an enemy planet.

Thanks and Regards,
#11 Re: Inquiry@ Ms.MunmunAshutosh 2012-09-06 08:54
Ms Mummun,

Peridot is a semi-precious stone which comes in shades ranging from yellow, green to brownish shades. It is not associated with any one particular planet as its Jyotish gemstone. But, you can wear its green variety as a gemstone for Mercury by wearing it on the little finger.

#10 Inquiry 2012-07-25 09:51
Hi! This is munmun I just want to know in which finger should I wear a peridot stone. Please let me know.
+1 #9 Re: Finger most suitable to wear white sapphire @ AshishAshutosh 2012-04-09 04:58

There are different energy meridians passing through the fingers. Two planets maybe enemies as per Jyotish but their meridians could be passing through the same finger. This is because the basic nature of their meridians could be alike.

For example, Venus and Mars both represent the sexual desires and energies. Their manifestation of their energies is different but the direction of the energies is the same. This is why they pass through the same finger, the ring finger.

Moon and Mercury represent the intellect and thought process although they are mutual enemies. This is why their gemstones are worn in the little finger.

Middle finger represents the very lower level, intense but cold energies. This is why only the gemstones for Rahu and Saturn are worn on this finger. Wearing a gemstone for Venus on middle finger will give only negative results to the wearer.



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