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Written by Ashutosh   
Saturday, 07 September 2013 10:03
Yesterday, on 6th September 2013, both Venus and Mercury have entered their own houses. Shukra is now in Libra, its swagrah, and is now placed with Rahu and Shani. Budh has entered Kanya Rashi where it is both swagrahi and uccha (exalted). This has brought some relief from the discomforts and difficulties which had arisen due to debilitated state of Venus and Mars in August 2013 though Mars will continue to be in debilitation till 5th October 2013.

Shukra will stay in Tula till 2nd October 2013 and Budh will transit in Kanya till 25th September 2013. In the sign of Libra the combination of Venus, Shani and Rahu and the aspects of Jupiter and Mars on them has now made this airy sign very tumultuous. Most of the action will now be concentrated around the Tula rashi for next three weeks.

The previous transit of Rahu and Venus in Tula Rashi was from 5th October 1995 to 29th October 1995. The previous transit of Saturn and Venus in Libra was from 17th November 2012 to 11th December 2012. But, the last time these three planets came together in Libra was in 1808, from 29th September 1808 to 16th October 1808. We do not have much historical data to study the events during that period. Such a yoga happens on very rare occasions and it will be very interesting for Jyotish students to study the events happening in next three weeks.

These transits of Venus and Mercury this month in their Swagrah Rashis will be good for industries like Information Technology, Telecom, entertainment, film, TV and print media, and fashion. A few films released during this period have chances of achieving unprecedented success. New revolutionary products, facilities and services in Telecom and IT industry may be launched.

These transits are not so good for personal vehicle segment though the public transport segment will benefit from it. At the same time, a few major vehicular mishaps, mainly related to commercial vehicles or public transport, may happen during this period. Those who are eager to buy new vehicles this month are advised not to overlook any flaws and to do a proper research before acquiring a new vehicle. They could end up going back to the dealers due to unexpected troubles with their vehicles.

Crimes against women will become a major concern and some tough laws may be made to prevent and punish such crimes. The political scenario will remain volatile this month too but most interested parties will delay the actual fireworks till the first week of October 2013. But, the common people who are highly affected by the economic and political problems all over the world will come out to show their displeasure in a stronger way.

A few unprecedented man made or natural calamities can happen during this transit causing loss of life and property of the civilian population. For India, the internal security, political dilemmas, economic problems and the border disputes with its neighbours will become bigger worries this month.

For those who are eager to buy new houses or to start living in new residences, this month is a very favorable time for such purposes, although the  religious restrictions may not allow everyone to do so. But, do your homework properly before investing your money in real estate. This month some serious malpractices by real estate dealers and builders may come to light.

The good and bad results of these transits on the twelve ascendants and moon signs will be as follows (Those who know their ascendants should read the predictions for that sign for more accurate results) -

1. Aries - Mesh: Positive changes in profession (job and business); good chances of promotion in job or a change of job to a better place with good position and salary; monetary gains; slight improvement in married life and love life; avoid buying a new vehicle; take care of your own health of your spouse too.

2. Taurus - Vrishabh: More health care is required, sudden mysterious ailments can arise; improvement in situation at work, rivals will be defeated, better relations with seniors; good job offers, business expansion; unexpected expense on personal vehicle can occur, a good time to buy a new vehicle; improved public image; success in politics; high chances of extra marital affairs or short term flings but stay alert and do not get caught in honeytraps.

3. Gemini - Mithun: Acquisition of a new vehicle and purchase of a new real estate; more harmonious married life and love life; good health; increase in income; job change or promotion; decrease in concern for children; long distance comfortable travels; a good period for those who are in arts and entertainment industry.

4. Cancer - Karka: Change in job and business (some people may abruptly resign from their jobs) for an occupation in a totally new area of work; increase in income; better relations with friends and relatives; lessening of worries related to real estate and residence; loss due to vehicular damage and unexpected expenses on personal vehicle; avoid long distance travels by personal vehicle; marital happiness and better love life; watch out for heart and liver related ailments.

5. Leo - Simha: Better married life; new love in life; do not buy a vehicle this month; drive carefully; increase in stress at work; better income but increased burden of work; good returns from investments and savings; health precautions are advised concerning blood pressure and heart for men and hormonal problems for women.

6. Virgo - Kanya: Avoid foreign travels this month; some legal problems from your past will crop up; improvement in business but not much increase in income; relations with friends and supporters will not improve much but the relations with family members and relatives will improve; avoid giving loans to anyone this month; skin related ailments and hormonal problems can trouble you.

7. Libra - Tula: Improvement in health; acquisition of a new property or lessening of worries related to real estate; purchase of a new vehicle; better relations with spouse and business partners; good monetary gains; long distance travels for pleasure and work; religious pilgrimage.

8. Scorpio - Vrishchik: Marital discord, there could be a short term separation from spouse; long distance journeys; good income; business gains; increase in expenses; increased worries about the health of your spouse; avoid buying a new vehicle; drive carefully.

9. Sagittarius - Dhanu: Good business gains; satisfactory results in job; unexpected monetary gains; increased intimacy with a co-worker; better relations with spouse, parents and friends; health precautions should be taken; a good month to buy a new vehicle.

10. Capricorn - Makar: Lessening of worries related business and finances; new job; gains from foreign journeys and offshore trading; not a good time to buy a vehicle or a real estate; health precautions related to liver, pancreas and digestive system are advised.   

11. Aquarius - Kumbh: A good time to go on business or pleasure trips; favorable time for searching for a good house and a good vehicle, but the actual purchase should be made only in October 2013; income increases but hassles at workplace can bother you this month; take care of health precautions related to respiratory system, blood pressure and nervous system; parents' health may degrade this month.

12. Pisces - Meen: Marital happiness increases; new partnership or collaboration in business; good progress in job; health worries for children will increase; a good time to buy a house but not a favorable time to buy a vehicle; beginning of a secret love affair; ailments like arthritis, bad digestion, sexually transmitted infections or hormonal imbalances can trouble you.

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