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Gemini - Mithun - Moon Sign - 2014 - Jyotish Forecast. 


2014 will be a fruitful year for the people born under the Moon Sign Gemini or Mithun. There will be surprising but positive changes in profession, an increase in income and happiness on personal and professional front. Wealth will increase and relations with family and friends will improve in 2014.

HEALTH:  Health prospects for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

The health of Mithun rashi people will generally be good in 2014. The first six months may bring about an increase in body weight but the second half will reduce the weight back to normal.

From August to December they should watch out for slight troubles related to liver and pancreas. A little change in lifestyle and food habits will be enough to bring the health back on track.
JOB: Job prospects for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

Since June 2013 many Mithun rashi people have tried hard to rise to a better position in the present job or to shift to another job with desired work status and salary. A few have got these desired results by the end of 2013 and the rest will achieve these goals by end of April 2014. The first four months of 2014 are going to be very fruitful for Mithun rashi employees.

For some Mithun rashi people these four months may bring the change from being in a job to doing own business.

The progress at work will go on throughout 2014. Overall it will be a very satisfying year for Mithun rashi people who are in jobs.
BUSINESS: Business prospects for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

For the business minded people 2014 is a lucky year which comes once in twelve years. They will find their desired businesses flourishing in 2014. New ventures, new collaborations and partnerships will be initiated in the first four months of 2014.

The months from August to December 2014 are very favorable for those businesspersons who are in or who want to begin enterprises related to accounting, food or BPO.

EDUCATION: Education prospects for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

Although the confusions related to studies, which had arisen in 2013, will still persist in the first six months of 2014, these months are very favorable for pursuing higher education. So, Mithun rashi people should shed their indecisiveness and focus more on long term education related goals in 2014.

The chances of going away from homes for higher studies are getting brighter after July 2014. So, those who are eager to study in institutes away from their hometowns or nations should try to achieve such aims in 2014. 

WEALTH: Wealth prospects for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

2014 is a beneficial year for monetary gains. There will be money coming in from real estate deals, rentals, own business, salary increments and redemption of long term investments.

The expenses will be meaningful and not wastage of money. A major part of the expenses will actually be investments in real estate or stock market.

REAL ESTATE: Property related prospects for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

2014 is an year when real estate will be a major reason for taking most of the time and efforts of Mithun rashi people.

The first half of 2014 will bring a few good opportunities for profitably buying or selling real estate. But, the best time to do so to get maximum gains is in April and May 2014. This is applicable for both commercial and residential property.
But, do not delay the real estate related proceedings till July 2014 because that's the time when the uncertainty, anxieties and delays will start manifesting themselves in real estate matters. The second half of this year is not a good time to invest in or sell property. Such attempts will bring more headaches than smiles of satisfaction and money may get blocked in bad property deals. 

VEHICLE: Prospects related to vehicles for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

The best time to buy a new vehicle is in May and June and 2014 but, they should not buy any vehicle, personal or commercial, in the last six months of 2014.

In 2014 Mithun rashi people should be extra carefully when driving. The chances of vehicular mishaps are quite high during this year. These chances are highest in January and March 2014.

Avoid traveling in Red coloured vehicles in the first seven months of 2014. Do not buy Red, Orange and Grey coloured vehicles in 2014. If you want to buy a vehicle then go for Green or Blue coloured vehicles.

LOVE: Love and Romance prospects for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

Success in romantic affairs and fulfillment of heart's desires in matters of love will make 2014 a memorable year for Mithun rashi people.

They will be too eager to find love by their own efforts. The drive to pursue, entice, woo and possess their beloved will be very high in the first seven months of 2014. But, if patience is lost and emotions are allowed to run wild then such high energy drives can backfire too.

The Mithun rashi people are advised to make best use of the favorable planetary positions this year to find their soul-mates. But, they should show total devotion, dedication and commitment to their love affairs to bring more stability and happiness in them. 

MARRIAGE: Marriage prospects for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

For Mithun rashi people 2014 is a very auspicious year for getting married. The best months for tying the knot are February, April and May 2014.

But, for those who are already married the issues of dominance and ego will plague the married life in the first half of 2014. The calm will prevail only after June 2014.

Those who are eager to get out of their troubled marriages will not be able to do so before October 2014.

FAMILY: Prospects related to family and relatives for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

2014 is not good for the mother's health, mainly in the first six months. The health of the father will also require a little more attention. The relations with the parents will become strenuous this year.  

There may be disagreements related to ancestral property with older siblings. Such disputes may arise in January 2014 itself and if the matters are not hurried up they will die down by the end of July 2014.

The welfare and health of children will remain a concern till August 2014 and the worries about them and their behaviour will be at peak till that time. After that most of such worries will be over.

TRAVEL: Travel prospects for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

Its a good year for going abroad. There will be frequent journeys in 2014 including religious travels. The best time to go on pilgrimages is in March and April 2014.

There may be a long distance travel for pleasure either in May or August 2014. Avoid going on journeys in November 2014.

REMEDIES: Jyotish remedies for 2014 for Gemini or Mithun moon sign born people:

Avoid wearing Grey and Red colours till third week of July 2014. Wear more of Green and Blue. Keep fasts on Tuesdays till June 2014. 

In June or in September 2014, wear a good quality Emerald in a Gold ring on the little finger. Also, wear a White Sapphire or a Fire Opal on a silver ring in May or July 2014.

Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks till August 2014. Donate blankets to needy people on Saturdays.


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